Easy Quickie Costumes (FOR REAL THIS TIME)

Oh no. You didn't heed my warning about Halloween coming? NOT TO WORRY. I've done some pinteresting for you and here's my solution for all things Halloween. Makeup. 
On small children and babies especially.


a crock of crazy this Sunday

It's Sunday. I'm cruising pinterest for crock pot chili recipes...and I find this:

Look closer. It's pretty impressive. Points for creativity and execution.


I bought 6 costumes for 2 kids. So what.

It's true, I have too many costumes and not enough decision-making power. I feel panicky about kids, Halloween and costumes. In a few years they'll be all "Mommy, no more. You need to stop buying costumes." So I might have gone a little craycray (as the kids say) and bought a few too many this year.

Since my dear friend JULIE called me out on her thing this weekend, I feel the need to justify all my poor decisions. I'm SURE she wasn't judging me. Right?

Let's walk through my thought process, SHALL WE. I have a little 11 month-old. [FYI: He's got a massive (white man's) afro.] I was doing pre-pre Halloween research. Here's where pinterest took us:

I was like, awe, so cute.

Maybe we should use his hair as a prop?


LMFAO for tots!

On second thought this guy is just...

Afro's! On AMAZON! No idea. Only 3 left, HURRY.

Then I got hungry.
Then sh*t got weird. This is from Martha Stewart, FYI.

Cute baby 3 arms.

I'll let you know how this works out. Might just be a dinosaur. In other news, I'll be holding a giveaway later in the week for my soul! Watch for it.


Okay, okay. I love this.

I'm always looking for stuff to keep the toddler busy. ALWAYS. I've tried the pipe cleaners straw thing; that was interesting to Violet for approximalty 22 seconds. The Cloud Dough thing; Violet literally didn't even look at it, let alone touch it. Desperate for idears here, but I can't deal with pinterest envy any longer. So I just subscribed to Kiwi Crate.

I figure this is:
- a fun package to open with kids at the very least
- a good way to avoid the Michaels/ Hobby Lobby hell
- a good way to avoid a pinterest blackhole hole
- a good regift to give if we don't like it :)

I haven't received the box yet, but I'm excited to get it in the mail. I love getting mail that isn't about paying someone for something. I'll let you know if its as fun as it seems. I'm not getting paid to say this or anything so get over it.