Making a bebe

In the middle of a pregnancy over here people. What?

If you f*ckers don't have DIY chicken wire party favors, a painted tree and homemade popcorn you know where you can go. Honeycomb theme anyone? Here. Here's a blog to help you plan. Yay!


MTM Mafia

This. This is one of those internet trends that I like to keep you aware of. This one is so weird that I don't think you'd would believe me unless I just showed it to you.

Oh, it's exactly what it sounds like. Moms. Putting things in muffin tins.

They do look cute. Or like a mistake. Moms put things in muffin tins and take pictures of it. And then begin world wide domination. Hopefully. I'm kinda scared to post more pictures, I am afraid of the Muffin Tin Mom Mafia destroying my life.

My kid would be like, what are you doing with that Muffin Tin, Mom? And she's push it on to the ground. Here's an FAQ on MTMs, incase you are considering becoming one. MUFFIN TIN MOM, that is.