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What are you wearing?

I had a friend and in elementary school* -- we would call each other to plan and match our outfits. That's what children do to feel connected, bond, whatever.

Who would ever have thought the internet would be used so we could all wear the same thing one day and take pictures of wearing that?

There's a site that does a monthly call to bloggers to wear one type of thing and then post about it.

The most recent challenge? Colored tights, bitches....


Making colored tights happen all over the world and then, all over the internet.

Dude, I don't make this stuff up.

*This is when I was 10 years old.


Casseroles Assholes

In 1990 or so, my dear friend Mary and I went to the thrift store in Riverside, California. We bought 50's house marm dresses. For some reason. Then we 50's upped our hairs. Then, in our 50's garb we cooked fish sticks for her mom. We blew the house down dude. It was total awesomeness that only occurs when you are 17, a nerd and bored out of your fucking mind to the point of performance art. Suck it, Tina Fey. It was one of my most favorite memories of my life.

So someone had to ruin it.

These bitches have made a career out of our amazing idea, Mary.

Lookie here. The Casserole Queens.

Yes... they have a website, a blog, a book, an order-out service (they come dressed in 1950s bullshit upon delivery) based around one dish wonders. I'm jealous. I'm pissed. I'm intrigued. I'm flipping through my personally signed copy of their book.* I'm making a grocery list. I'm trying to start my own franchise. I'm canceling my franchise partnership. I'm not cooking for strangers. I can't wear high heels and deliver food. Gross. I'm jealous though. Still.

*Thanks to my friend Liz for the early Xmas gift.

**Yes I was around in 1990. I know, it's totally hard to believe based on my amazing skin and hair.


Wish I would have said that....

Yay Louise CK is Jesus is trending...


Foodies. Ugh.

The internet has created all these subcultures. And SUBsubcultures. Like the gamers, and their whole thing. They call people noobs = newbies. And they say pown instead of own. I don't know or understand.

MY POINT IS there are literally thousands of subgroups that you don't know about at all. And they all have internet followings.

The food/ recipe/ cooking group is huge and here's what it is all about. If you like to cook, are a professional photographer and know how to style food (having worked on Red Lobster for 3 years, it's hard, costs shit loads and one guy in NYC shoots most food on commercial TV) you can have a famous blog. There are lots of them and they all know each other. I'm going to tell you about a few.

This one is cute. She is a photographer (DUH), lives in New York, and knows her shit when it comes to BBQ. Most people do not. Good recipes, too complicated (we had manwiches tonight) for me.

I ran across this one form another one. I"m telling you, they ALL KNOW EACH OTHER.


+er ?

I'm a freelance advertising writer. I move from workplace to workplace regularly. When a [temporary] co-worker "friends" me on facebook I feel...panicky. Guilty. Caught. Locked in. And then, I realize - who cares?

Are you using Google+? Is anyone you know using? As a blog writer, it's a really great place to put things. Heres why: people respond thoughtfully. Not worried about a person you met in 2001 at starbucks? Yeah,  Google+ers or whatever they are called, will respond in meaningful, non-crowd conscious ways to your post. And you can even decide who will see these posts. It's nice. It might be because you've chosen +ers' (let's call us that for a moment) more selectively by design, unlike facebook - which is now shoe-horning that feature in. Which will not work, btw. Are you really going to start limiting people's access to your account? Do you know how? I don't. 

I find the more interesting people I know are quietly talking, gathering (conversion rates aren't that high and I suspect won't ever be) in a small little corner on the web. It's nice to have a quiet place to gather. Why +er not?


I'm supposed to post everyday this month!

So are you!

And it's called : NaBloPoMo 
Will you help me stay up and do this?
Yes or No?


So...whats...new? I haven't read any annoying blogs lately. But what I did do, I found a bunch BLOG images. Stock photogs.
Hilarious? I THINK SO. Fun. YESSSS. NaBloPoMo my Blog.

We're having a blogue!

Hummm, seems like the internet is involved in this conversation.

Many people will come to this blog of yours!

It's the late 90's. You type the word "blog" into your Microsoft Windows 95 Word. That is all.