Foodies. Ugh.

The internet has created all these subcultures. And SUBsubcultures. Like the gamers, and their whole thing. They call people noobs = newbies. And they say pown instead of own. I don't know or understand.

MY POINT IS there are literally thousands of subgroups that you don't know about at all. And they all have internet followings.

The food/ recipe/ cooking group is huge and here's what it is all about. If you like to cook, are a professional photographer and know how to style food (having worked on Red Lobster for 3 years, it's hard, costs shit loads and one guy in NYC shoots most food on commercial TV) you can have a famous blog. There are lots of them and they all know each other. I'm going to tell you about a few.

This one is cute. She is a photographer (DUH), lives in New York, and knows her shit when it comes to BBQ. Most people do not. Good recipes, too complicated (we had manwiches tonight) for me.

I ran across this one form another one. I"m telling you, they ALL KNOW EACH OTHER.


  1. As a food blogger, I seriously agree with you. I just can't bring myself to be THAT obsessed with documenting every single meal (seriously, we had carry-out like four times this week). The endless books on How To Make Blogging Your Life are exhausting and remind me why I should just concentrate on eating my food and living my life!

  2. I agree. Blogging for life is like lightening in a bottle, you either have a perfectly timed blog, or you don't.