+er ?

I'm a freelance advertising writer. I move from workplace to workplace regularly. When a [temporary] co-worker "friends" me on facebook I feel...panicky. Guilty. Caught. Locked in. And then, I realize - who cares?

Are you using Google+? Is anyone you know using? As a blog writer, it's a really great place to put things. Heres why: people respond thoughtfully. Not worried about a person you met in 2001 at starbucks? Yeah,  Google+ers or whatever they are called, will respond in meaningful, non-crowd conscious ways to your post. And you can even decide who will see these posts. It's nice. It might be because you've chosen +ers' (let's call us that for a moment) more selectively by design, unlike facebook - which is now shoe-horning that feature in. Which will not work, btw. Are you really going to start limiting people's access to your account? Do you know how? I don't. 

I find the more interesting people I know are quietly talking, gathering (conversion rates aren't that high and I suspect won't ever be) in a small little corner on the web. It's nice to have a quiet place to gather. Why +er not?

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