Oh Pioneer

Pioneer Woman is part of my "Big Guns" blogger series. These bloggers are like, huge.

Have you guys seen this blog?

I used to read this one...in a nutshell...She's from the big city. He lives in Oklahoma. She ditches her $300 shoes and lattes to move to the country. I loved that she became a mom and wife and was super excited about it. Love that.

So now, Pioneer Woman has a network of sites, a TV show, book-SAH (that's more than one book people), I'm sure a line of Pioneer Woman at Williams Sonoma are on their way. The site is a cluster F. The TV show looks like they have some staged bullshit ridiculousness (rope a cattle, in a gypse tunic from Nordstroms?)

Hey, Pioneer Woman, the cliche "Fish Out of Water" called and it wants its blog back. 

Here's the thing. Her recipes are okay. I made the spinach salad once. Nothing breakthrough. She does a giveaway for clothes she never wears. Is that cute, or weird? Either way, I stopped reading her blog long ago, because all she talked about was her book deal. I can't really relate, and I just wanted some easy recipes that were nom. I highly doubt any REAL pioneer women bitched about how much the missed their DH due to an agressive in-store appearance schedule.

Oh Pioneer woman, then you started doing grammer stuff and home schooling advice you became super lame. And now you're too big for your stereotypical cowgirl blogger boots.


I suck

I'm clearly not winning when it comes to blogging. A sick kid, new work load and my own illness threw me off track. Luckily, 3 people read my blog! YeaaaaH! Thanks Sam, Julie and Mary!!!! I HEART YOU.

Since we last met, Kendi has opened a store, in McKinney, which is about 20 minutes from my house. Weird. Like, is she stalking ME now?  I'm still trying to decorate my 10 month old's nursery, which isn't a nursery anymore, now issssss it? And I've made this for dinner 3 nights in a row, it's all I got people. I'm just not perfect. I friend came to visit me and went did so kick-ass thrift store shopping and ate fabu BBQ. I had a fabulous gal's weekend here, and I made a pumpkin jack-o-lantern with felt eyes that is totally cute.

These are all the things a fabulous blogger would have covered in a how-to post or whatever. Instead, I"l just try and keep making fun of other blogs. Thanks for reading my blog about annoyingly perfect bloggers.