I suck

I'm clearly not winning when it comes to blogging. A sick kid, new work load and my own illness threw me off track. Luckily, 3 people read my blog! YeaaaaH! Thanks Sam, Julie and Mary!!!! I HEART YOU.

Since we last met, Kendi has opened a store, in McKinney, which is about 20 minutes from my house. Weird. Like, is she stalking ME now?  I'm still trying to decorate my 10 month old's nursery, which isn't a nursery anymore, now issssss it? And I've made this for dinner 3 nights in a row, it's all I got people. I'm just not perfect. I friend came to visit me and went did so kick-ass thrift store shopping and ate fabu BBQ. I had a fabulous gal's weekend here, and I made a pumpkin jack-o-lantern with felt eyes that is totally cute.

These are all the things a fabulous blogger would have covered in a how-to post or whatever. Instead, I"l just try and keep making fun of other blogs. Thanks for reading my blog about annoyingly perfect bloggers.


  1. OK, no longer stalking... I heart your blog! (I came over from Etsy Stalkers, so it's in my nature.)
    I am SO sick of all those perfect people who have lists, and actually due the things on the lists and make me fell like duck soup because I'm lucky if I can even FIND a piece of paper let alone make a proper list.
    Oh, and I'm learn things from you, like "waterboarding". Had to look it up. VERY interesting.

    And birthdays? They can bite me. Next year I'm officially putting a ban on them.
    One more thing. I'm totally addicted to Kendi everyday. I now wish I was a brunette and had long ass legs. Thanks. From the bottom of my heart. Not really.

    Keep up the good work and keep blogging. I need the laughs.

    Need inspiration? Check out this Chick: http://thepioneerwoman.com/
    She got her own 6-episode series on the Food Network and will be coming out with her 2nd cookbook shortly. A total over-achiever if I've ever seen one. But if you suddenly want to be a redhead and married to a guy with a sweet ass, don't blame me!

    Anonymous (aka: Renee)

  2. Oh Renee, You are so a gal after my own heart. I almost have to not read blogs so I don't feel like such a mess. I hate that Pioneer chick. I'm writing a post for you as I type. Talk soon!!!

  3. There are more than three people reading your blog. I'm one of those more than three.

  4. Sorry pimplomat! YOU ARE MY NUMERO UNO!