I bought 6 costumes for 2 kids. So what.

It's true, I have too many costumes and not enough decision-making power. I feel panicky about kids, Halloween and costumes. In a few years they'll be all "Mommy, no more. You need to stop buying costumes." So I might have gone a little craycray (as the kids say) and bought a few too many this year.

Since my dear friend JULIE called me out on her thing this weekend, I feel the need to justify all my poor decisions. I'm SURE she wasn't judging me. Right?

Let's walk through my thought process, SHALL WE. I have a little 11 month-old. [FYI: He's got a massive (white man's) afro.] I was doing pre-pre Halloween research. Here's where pinterest took us:

I was like, awe, so cute.

Maybe we should use his hair as a prop?


LMFAO for tots!

On second thought this guy is just...

Afro's! On AMAZON! No idea. Only 3 left, HURRY.

Then I got hungry.
Then sh*t got weird. This is from Martha Stewart, FYI.

Cute baby 3 arms.

I'll let you know how this works out. Might just be a dinosaur. In other news, I'll be holding a giveaway later in the week for my soul! Watch for it.

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