Okay, okay. I love this.

I'm always looking for stuff to keep the toddler busy. ALWAYS. I've tried the pipe cleaners straw thing; that was interesting to Violet for approximalty 22 seconds. The Cloud Dough thing; Violet literally didn't even look at it, let alone touch it. Desperate for idears here, but I can't deal with pinterest envy any longer. So I just subscribed to Kiwi Crate.

I figure this is:
- a fun package to open with kids at the very least
- a good way to avoid the Michaels/ Hobby Lobby hell
- a good way to avoid a pinterest blackhole hole
- a good regift to give if we don't like it :)

I haven't received the box yet, but I'm excited to get it in the mail. I love getting mail that isn't about paying someone for something. I'll let you know if its as fun as it seems. I'm not getting paid to say this or anything so get over it.

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