Just another #ManiMonday

So it's all about the manicure today. You know why? Cause it's  #ManiMonday!  

Yeah, that's a thing now. Just like saying "that's a thing" is A THING NOW. Got my drift? Okay, good. We've talked about the nail polish culture before, here. I'll break down the whole manicure thing for you.

1. Mani Monday is apparently when you take a picture of your manicure. On Monday. Then post it and # all over it.

3. Mani-cams - Red carpet events now have "mani-cams" - a camera that takes video of the stars manicures, so we can obsess over more things we can't ever attain. 

Here's a mani-cam at last nights Emmys. 

4. No mani-cam for  you, my Opi gel manicure is 30% chipped off. And my cuticles are generally bleeding.

So there you have it folks. Have a great  #ManiMonday!  

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