That's the name of the place that does my nails. You have to say it in a yelling-bossy type way. That's how it's pronounced NAIL! NAAAAA OW!

So, I'm just here to tell you about all the crazy shit that is going on on the internet that you may not have noticed. There's an ENTIRE world of people doing crazy ass nail polish stuff and posting pictures of it. And I LOVE IT. There's color reviews, tutorials, competitions. It's bananananananaanners. Not sure where all this time comes from.

This is fantastic.  They even all do the same POSE (SEE). I like all new-da. LOVE IT.

Anyhoo, just another crazy piece of the internet. Delivered.

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  1. really? people have time to paint their nails and take pics of them? these people obviously don't have kids. or lives.