I hadn't checked up on this bitch in a while. Yeah, I said the B word. WHAT?
Remember her?  Are you accusing me of stalking her? You're way off.

She's kidding, right?  Greasy hair, Kendi? Really. Um, GA-Rows! And she's making skinny face with the neck/face thing look a little more unnatural then usual. I'm worried about her neck tendons.

What a smug, smug little cutie she is. I'm sitting in Starbux in my PJs. Should I take a picture of MY outfit today? Ugh. I hope her new store is going GREAT!



  1. sooooo i guess i should cancel my trip to dallas to see her. i mean you. i mean her.


  2. i feel that all i need to know about kendi lives right here on her about page: http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/p/about_25.html

    1. she doesn't seem to know the difference between "fared" and "faired." (so clearly her husband is not as talented a proofreader as he is a photographer).
    2. she tells us that her writing is self-deprecating (tho she does not do us the favor of including the hyphen), silly and sarcastic. if you have TELL everyone that's how your writing is, chances are it's exactly the opposite.

    thank you for giving me more things to dislike! seriously -- i get tired of the same old....

  3. Hilarious! I love the proof reading of her ABOUT KENDI!!! page.

    I'm pretty sure she's unaware of what self-deprecating means. When you take a picture of your outfit every day so the world can see how f*ing cute you dress - um, you're not really laughing at yourself, are you?