Mommy Blogger: Coupon Mom and Common Sense

So I came across this article, and you know what. Stephanie, AKA Coupon Mom, AKA rich biotch Coupon Mom with a book deal, this is really sound, reasonable advice. I could actually get behind this.
She's not like, EXTREMELY COUPONING. Or trying to stick it to the man.

She's just got, well, common sense. Anyone? Helllooo?

Here's her advice, in a nutter shell:
Cook food at home.

Wash your own lettuce. Dumbass.

Use coupons when you want to save money.

Eat out once or twice a month. (Not once or twice a week).

Don't be a dumb, wasteful, fatso family. (I added that one myself)

You know when we ate out when I was growing up? Once in a NEVER. Unless someone else's family was eating out and I was lucky enough to be there. We ate out once that I can remember. Italian place with a fountain. It was a GD big deal. Oh, and some kid had a party at McDonalds. ONCE. I can still taste the sweet drops of Orange Drank on my 7 year-old lips.

So I guess I should start a blog and tell people to eat at home and then I'll be rich. Ugh. Stephers AKA coupon mom, you're just selling common sense. But it's working, girl. I give you my "I don't hate yer blog stamp of approval seal."


  1. But I love being a fatso over-consumer!!!!


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