Mommy Blogger Week: Money Savin' CrayCray Mommy

I already wrote about the coupon mom phenomenon.

Let's talk Extreme Coupon Mommy Madness. These are the bloggers who list out how to get free, or nearly free, items by EXTREME COUPON TECHNIQUES.
Here's how it works. They list out, on their blog, how they got this or that for almost no money. These money saving loons have their own lingo, of course. Some of their practices are borderline hoarding. And they lose it a little bit with each coupportunity (I'm trademarking).and they are kinda ruining coupons in general for us normal folk.
There's even a TV show. And God is always involved.
Here's my version of a Extreme Coupon Mom Blog Post:

Title: Get a free Lunchables

Hi ya'll. Get a free Launchables. Here's how. 

I took the 25 cents off coupon from the Sunday paper for 1 'Lunchables Pizza to support Childhood Obesity With More Fiber Flavor.' Then, I double that with a virtual coupon from CVS, plus I used my reward perks card extreme bucks discount, then I called Wal*Mart and told them I slipped at their store and was suing them for 14 million dollars unless they price matched CostCo, then I emailed the President of CostCo and told them about the lawsuit with Walmart and got a free gift card worth $5, then I pulled out my Glock out of my purse, put it to my head, and told the checkout clerk, "I swear to our Lord and Savior, I'll pull this fucking trigger if you don't give me this Lunchables and honor all my coupon research insanity."

And that's how s/he gets the item for free. So now, not only are these people clogging up grocery store check out lines across Ahmarka, apparently it's changing the way stores accept coupons. Yeah. Thanks, extremist. Ruining everything much?

GUESS WHAT? I hate your extreme couponing blog.


  1. Coupon people are INSANE. Hello - time is worth money as well. That's why we get paid at work. Couponing is not worth my time unless someone is paying me to do it. CRAY CRAY!

  2. SMH & ROFL You are like my best friend in my head at this point

  3. Oh Parnyparn, you are my bestie too. Let's get tattoos!!!!!!