Hey Coupon Mom, Guess What?

I hate your blog. And yours.

Look, I use friggin' coupons. I'm a cheap bastard. All about it. But when you clog up my newsfeed with like, a free subscription to Woman's Day, it's kinda bullshit. Register now to sign up...STOP RIGHT THERE. I don't need the new Tide with Bleach sample that bad.

And somehow the Lord, and prayer always seems to be a part of Coupon Mom blogs. We save money for Jesus.
Now, there's the crazy EXTREME COUPON MOMS. Dude. I can't make this up. I was behind one recently, and she literally had every circular ad and was price-matching shit left and right. Cauliflower? Really? She got it for $1.99. Doesn't seem that extreme to me. But I hate caulflower.

I'm sure I'd save a sh*t ton if I was that organized. But I would hate myself and so would everyone in line behind me.

We'll visit you again, coupon mom blogger.

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  1. i do not how Jesus is being used in this article, Jesus saves those who accept him and I am an ext ream couponer but this is not nice