101 Bleghs

As per usual, the idea behind this blog is amazingly simple, my friends. And now, this blogger is her own bloggy empire. I'm sure she quit her job and supports like 25 people. From her B.L.O.G.

She was all, "OMG, I have too many cookbooks! Guess I will blog about the recipes I cook from these cookbooks. I will call it 101 Cookbooks, to mimic the Disney animated feature 101 Dalmatians."

Not only does she cook healthy, amazing recipes, she takes *beautiful* pictures of her food. (She's a photographer as well.) And she's pretty and has written a few of her own award-winning cookbooks books. Eh. I'm good at maybe one thing and I'm not even sure what that is yet.
Don't act like you know what tef is, okay? But it looks de-lish.

I want to like the recipes more than I usually do. There's always one ingredient I don't understand. Then I realize "I'm not the cultured of a person or a cook, for that matter." I don't know what harissa is. 


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  1. ahaha. love (i mean hate) this blog.