From the - Why didn't I think of that - File

This blog is called Things Organized Neatly. It's a visual blog of -- you guessed it -- junk organized. (Grrrrrrroan). It's popular with the design crowd, and frankly, occasionally I enjoy seeing  the ingredients for pasta sauce all spread out. It's purrty.

Is it a visual representation of the simplicity we all long for in post-modern society but fail to achieve?
Is it the visual equivalent of Deconstructionism?
A backlash against the visual clutter we're bombarded with?
An anti-hoarders movement?

I don't know.

Do the photogs look cool? Yes.
Food organized!

It's Real Simple magazine on No Doz, vitamin C and cocaine.

To achieve this look and a post on this blog: choose a topic, deconstruct, organize, sort, and space everything of one color and shape together then photograph from above. On wood.  If it doesn't look like a Real Simple magazine spread, take a deep breath and chill the f*ck out. No one cares. And there's like a million submissions a day, so you have a good chance.

PS: Technically it's not a "blog," it's a Tumblr (which is a blog). Only a person under 30 would care about that distinction. And I would call that person a douchy Millennial.


  1. Totally agree - it looks great and it does something weird to my stomach because I heart organization so much it makes me hurt. But what the hell is the point?! I'm missing something...

  2. douchy Millennial = awesomeness.