Outfit of the Day week - the Finale

Let's close out a week of Outfit of the Day blogs on a positive note. Look at me, being all sun shiny and sh*t!

A blog I actually, ahem, like.
While this blog does have all the features of a blog I hate, ie the blogger had a simple idea, went for it, and now gets to blog for a living, I don't hate it. Here's why.

It's made up of real people. Walking down the street. No posing and being adorable for the camera, Kendi. No primping for hours then acting spontaneous! Just people. Who dressed themselves. Well.
I want to be friends.

Even the About Me is non-vom inducing.

Unlike a primadonna Outfit of the Day type blogs that capture a prissy little smarmy pants taking a picture of herself, this blogs is genuine. In an Up With People kind of way. And it's just cool to see real people who aren't posers. It's very editorial and real and I like it.
Red shorts, what?!

This blog even makes me think that shorts, in fact, are not just for poor people.

I guess, in the LOOK AT ME world of blogging, it's nice to to see realness being admired.
And the blogger is uberfamous now. And see, I don't hate your blog! YAY FOR ME.

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  1. So people actually look this cute like all the time? Great. Now I feel even worse about myself. Fail.