A word about OOTD blogs and the state of America

“I will to take a picture of my outfit everyday, then post it online for all the interwebs to see.”

This thought occurs to people, all the time. They then set up a blog and take a picture of their outfit everyday and post it on a blog called something like My Kooky Dookie Outfit. It's the outfit-of-the-day blog. Or OOTD Blogs, as of course, these people call themselves. There's thousands of these blogs.

No. I don’t understand how this happend, either.

Who else would want to do this? An Indigo Child, or Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now maybe? Narcissistic much?

My Grandma [God Rest Your Soul Mary] told stories of waiting in breadlines. Thank god she's not here to have to explain this to. And the Greatest Generation  quietly weeps...
Grandma, my job is to blog!
PS:  Here’s my outfit everyday, no photo needed: imagine a hobo person, add a cardigan (my office is fa-reezing) with some throw up on the shoulder.


  1. I prefer to keep a snuggie at my desk. picture that.


  2. I didn't know about OOTD blogs. I had to look up OOTD. I don't understand. Why is this happening? I feel funny.

  3. I am totally creeped out by this revelation.

  4. It's an internet meme now my friends. And MMB - I don't get it. AT ALL. We're all to blame.

  5. I understand your argument and its definitely your opinion. OOTD blogs are definitely not for everyone. I have one and even sometimes doing it even bugs me and it gets tiring. Its not necessarily that I want to show the world what I'm wearing every single day, but its more because I want to blog every day and remember what I wore. I can go back on a lot of my posts and seeing the picture of what I wore, I remember what my day was like and I can read about what my day was like. And mostly, I like reading other OOTD blogs because I see different outfits and its a nice way to read about other people's days and seeing what they wore. At first glance, you might like them because of their clothing, but as you read the blog you grow to love them as a person.

    Anyways, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to write such a long thing and it probably. And I enjoyed your post, its actually pretty funny and enjoyable and true. :) Just wanted to state my opinion about it too :D

  6. Kailee, I think it is a really cool way to journal, you're right.

    I wanted to explore the medium, and get on grip on why some of them are so silly and some of them are great. I love some of the OOTD blogs, too, http://ihateyerblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/outfit-of-day-week-finale.html

    I"d love a link to your blog, too. Thanks for your comments.