Big Guns!

F it. Let's do this.

This is going to be a regular feature. It's gonna be call BIG GUNS. And I'm going to hate on the biggs. The big bloggers.

The ones who quit their jobs and now blog, fulltime. W.T. Mer. Fing. F? America is a good place is all I can say.

Design*Sponge, I'm looking right at you. Okay, so my eyes are blood shot and I'm a little hungover. I'm still glaring at you with envy and hateration.

Ah. I can't even read this one anymore. It's so amazingly--- amazing. It's a game changer on every level. If you haven't seen it, you're old and lame. And I hate it because it's beautiful.

And of course they are like home owners in Williamsburg now. Ridiculous.

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