The DIY-ers

The first time I read younghouselove.com, it was because of this baby picture project. Sick. Now, these people - the adorbz bloggers - are remodeling their second house. SECOND. Once their first one was done I guess they needed a new house to blog about. [SWEARING and EYE ROLLING]

You can read the amazing story here. They do all these amazing projects in their house, and with their child, and they are sweet, collaborative even! HA! And they look like they are having fun. They are not yelling at each other. And crying. And hyperventilating trying to choose a paint color for their baby room. (I have a pile of decorations for our nursery I just can't seem to decide on, which is awkward, since my kid is 8 months-old.) These people...consider my towel thrown-in. I give up.

Oh, and they quit their jobs, of course. These f-ers even have an Amazon shop. Un.be.lieveable. They do a lot more, I just need to go refill my glass of box wine now.

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