Cool. I'm the worst mom ever. Awesometown.

Thanks, hostess with the mostest blog. No, really. I needed to feel terrible about my party hosting skills. I have some dumbass CB2 plates and I call that decore and done. A couch on the beach weren't in my plans for my child's first birthday.You know what one-year-olds want? They want to stuff their face with their first bites of cake heaven and poop and sleep. Not sit on the beach. On a couch. Dicks. 

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  1. She makes me feel like crap too. Who wants to spend their whole damn life decorating Elmo cookies though?!?! Not this girl. Amelia will NOT remember the cookies. Those parties aren't for the kids - they're for the other moms. And more specifically, to make the other moms feel like crap.