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So of course I was researching how to make a birdbath. I obvs can't do anything right, so I should I try to make a bird bath?

Then I found her. Herrrrrr. [EYES SQUINCHED]

This lady. Martha meets Ty meets an IT guy meets Bear Grilz. And you can ask her kwrestions about how to do stuff -- and she'll answer you. She even comments back to her commenters. Sheesh, lady.

People. She's got power tools. She's making icing. Chicken coop - made. Raising Monarch butterflies? Yes. She's resurfacing things, grinding her own meat, fixing her dryer and creating birdbaths out of stuff from the dollar store. She's amazing at everything, she's super cheap and she has ripped abs and she doesn't go to the gym.

There's one thing, though. Yup, Canadian.

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