Why do I hate yer Blog?

Why do you hate on blogs so much, Kern? Why?

Here's why I hate yer blog:

1. There's an entire community of people who started a blog and who now do nothing for a living but BLOG.

Let me rephrase that for you...

There are people who started writing a blog for fun, and now, it's how they EARN A LIVING. PERIOD. Like, their spouses get to quit their jobs, too. [INSERT ME SWEARING HERE]

2. They are usually really good at something that most people can't do - like, say, coming up with amazing tasting vegan desserts.

3. These bloggers are also perfect. See this AND this.

4. The first time I read that someone had quit their day job to be a blogger, I felt rage, sadness, remorse, regret and hate. Not for them, of course.

5. I don't really hate yer blog. I kinda crush on it, and you.

6. How do these bloggers make all this money? Let's save that for another day, shall we?

So as you can see, there's lots reasons to hate yer blog.

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