Auuugh Piece of Toast

I"ll never, ever understand what makes one lifestyle/ fashion/ design blog take off and one not. They are all kind of the same. Blown out photography filters, pretty people standing on the street looking aloof and on trend and skinny.

I found these gals/sisters/bloggers/superstars when I registered for an event at Anthropologie suggested to me by @etsystalker (then I received the following email. RUDE).

Sooooooo I figured they must be the shizzle. And I clearly hate myself, so I had to like them on the Fbook since they rejected me (see how that works?) and now I get their blog posts. Which make me feel dumpy AND off-trend. They live in Dallas, just like me.

Pretty, thin, blond successful sister, anyone? I'm not sure how many pairs of cobalt skinny jeans I can handle.


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