Blogs can drain your bank account

I. want. to. not. look. so. tired.

I read a blog today. Inspired, I thought, maybe I should check out some of this stuff. And like someone bonked me on the head and dollars and dollars later WHAT HAVE I DONE.

I went in to Ulta with a $3.50 off coupon to get under eye concealer since I look like a f*cking zombie now. And the sales lady was so nice, helpful, honest(ish) and she like, did things FOR ME. She said things no one ever says to me. For example: "Did you want me to go grab that for you?" Then she shows up with a neutral long wearing lip color. I was like clay in her hands. Her well moisturized Ulta emplyee stank hands.

Concealer Dark circles due to lack of sleep and aging, anyone?
Lip color Long wearing. A little out of my comfortzone.
Lip color w/minty feeling
brows Awesome for my Larry Hagman brows - game changer.
eyelashes - best selling mascara at Ulta BTW
blush It's kinda a given I'd choose this one. Love everything about it.
creaseless eyeshadow (not sure I believe this) this came in the most beautiful box I've seen.

Ooops so this happend. Bye bye tax return.

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