The baby blogger

Ugh. Here we go again. Feel depressed on a Monday? How about this....

Tavi is making us all feel like the Gen X slackers we are.
This adorbz and intelligent gal is like 15 and has her own blogging/fashion empire. She's funny, articulate and not pretentious. Kinda. She's really cute, but it is generally annoying to be reading stuff from a teenager that is funnier then your own material. And she was born the year I graduated from COLLEGE.

I don't even understand 90% of the blog because it's so fashion forward. (Me today: wearing my full on Marshall's party cardi, teacher capri pants, DSW sandals. Can't you just see it? Fuuuukc yeah)
Style Rookie? I think not.

I heard her on NPR this weekend. Yeah, she's being interviewed on Weekend Edition. What did you do this weekend?

Check out her blog, or her new project magazine thing, decipher for me, and get back to me. Thanks.


  1. i'm sure she'll get a full scholarship to ucla, go to grad school in australia and then travel the world to become a fashion report. i freaking hate her.


  2. Julie, I'm sure she'll have her own fashion line soon. Like before prom. Eyeroll.

  3. she'll design her own prom dress, get nominated prom queen, do it with the prom king, get prego and end up on Teen Mom. Damn she's lucky.

  4. I agree, Anonymous - Someone need to live the dream.,.