You are Not Alone - Other People Hate :D

Look, it feels good to know you're not alone. That's why we listen to slow jams about break ups, etc.  So when I asked a friend to guest post I was super excited to see they also hated on several blogs. And by "hate" I mean feel jealous about others funny and interesting blogs.

So, with that I bring you a great blog hate from "Hate so Hard" Jason Hensel....a fabulous friend, smart writer and generally SUper DUper funny and interesting...READ HIS BLOG DAMN YOU.


What do you do for lunch? 

If you’re like me, you round up a couple of co-workers, passports in hand, and head to DQ country where you proceed to order the four-piece steak finger basket combo finished off with an Hawaiian Blizzard. Then you return to work vowing never to do that again for the rest of the year. But Monday comes around, and what the hell, it’s back to DQ country. Anything is better than sitting at your desk.

Or you could be like Mr. Paul Debraski and read at lunch. And listen to cool albums. And then come back and write well thought-out reviews of what you just read and heard.

I hate you Mr. Debraski. I hate you so hard.

You know what I see when I visit your blog, “I Just Read About That...”? I see a big, lazy-ass reading it and wishing he would choose his time more wisely. I see a guy who wakes up every day with the best of intentions, only to come home in the afternoon and walk around his back yard, staring up at the trees, wondering when those two pomegranates will be ripe to pick.

God, I sound pathetic. That’s why I hate your blog Mr. Debraski. It’s just too damn good. It makes the rest of bloggers and writers and dreamers face a side of ourselves we’d rather not see.

So, please keep up the good work so I can know my shortcomings. Because like the immortal Joan Jett says, “I hate myself for loving you.”http://www.pimplomat.com/

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  1. Bravo and well said. I hate people that make good decisions. Hate. But I can tell that we would get along great.