Yes, I hate your blog.

Let's go a quick catch-up on why I hate your blog, their blog, people who say Blogosphere, etc:

1. You (Bloggers) are just like me and you. You just got lucky.
2. Your timing on blogging was great. You were early and fast to the game.
3. You know Photoshop.
4. You know a little HTML. 
5. You started your blog with a compelling and relatable topic, but now, all you blog about is your hectic life as a blogger.
6. You got a book deal.
7. You quit your job.
8. Your husband/wife then quit their job, so they could help run the blog.
9. You created a media empire, by accident maehehehHHEHEHEHEHEHEH hhhaaahahahah....so clever!
10. ...help me out people ....fill in the blank....


  1. 10. You love yourself so much you think everyone else wants to hear and read about (fill in the blank ie: your food, your clothes- everyday!, your nails, your house, your annoying organization skills, your dog, your weight loss tips, your random ramblings on...and on..and on...etc) but you are sorely mistaken! One million readers CAN be wrong! They just don't know it yet- they haven't see this wee funny blog! =)
    The Anonymous Renee

  2. So true. Awesome. One million people CAN BE WRONG!!!!!!!